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What they say about Dazzle!

Comments received from producers, performers and audience members following a production of Dazzle

"I'd just like to say, Dazzle is the best musical we have ever done. The kids adored it, the parents were blown away, and the staff absolutely loved it.

All of us got into the fairground theme and it was truly amazing. We probably had the best Year 6s we'd had in years, which helped. Their singing was phenomenal, and parents and staff commented on the script, saying how funny and clever it was, with lovely emotion.

We did the Lion King last year, outside, which was really special. Before that, Joseph was the best we had ever done. That had always been the benchmark, but Dazzle topped both!

The songs are phenomenal. The children absolutely took on board the whole theme and threw themselves into it.

I’ve been teaching music for 27 years and put on a Year 6 production pretty much every year, so I’m quite an expert in what a good musical looks like. Dazzle beats everything".

Sue Walker, Music Education Lead, Herefordshire Music Education Hub, and Music Teacher, Bosbury CofE Primary School

“I was lucky enough to get the part of Poppy in Dazzle. It was the start of my love for theatre. This show helped so much with my self-confidence, and overall helped me grow as a person. When I get nervous, I think back to the experience of performing in Dazzle. Thank you for this amazing show, it made a huge change in my life for the better.”

Amy Clarke-Davis

"Dazzle! was a fantastic project for us, and a huge success. The students thoroughly enjoyed bringing the show to life, connecting with the content and delivering an amazing show.

"Each performance just got better and better and audiences simply loved it. Each night, every person left the theatre feeling good about themselves and each other. What more could we ask!

"Undoubtedly, the highlight was the singing and the music. Audiences were deeply moved by some sections and buzzing and animated in others. The technical challenges gave us plenty to work on, particularly Fred’s untimely fall and the sections that called for a windstorm, slowly turning into snow falling during Skimpy’s song, complete with angelic choir for accompaniment. Along with creative lighting, a simply stunning theatre moment!

"We thoroughly recommend “Dazzle!” to schools and theatre groups wanting to stage an inspirational and heart-warming show that includes stunning harmonies, uplifting music and unforgettable characters. All this combined with challenging (but achievable) staging requirements and costuming.

"Thank you for your ongoing support, and a particularly big thank you for providing the opportunity for us to stage “Dazzle!” and to make so many people so very, very happy."

Wayne Pickering, Daylesford College, Australia

"I have taught in middle, primary, secondary and prep schools for forty-nine years and am well aware of children’s enthusiasm for their annual production. In the past ten years, I have made videos of over 100 school performances, involving several thousand hours of productions. I have never before experienced the level of enthusiasm for the songs by the children as in our recent production of “Dazzle!”. On your website, you say they are to the standard of West End shows; having heard and seen them in production, I believe they are of the standard of West End show-stoppers. Thank you for your work."

Alan Chant, Sevenoaks Prep School

“Dazzle is an exciting, fun, heartwarming musical which suited our 80-strong cast perfectly. It has all the ingredients to enable children to engage and perform to their best on stage. Every child had a wonderful, inspiring time, and they can't stop singing the catchy songs! There are ample opportunities for singing, dancing and acting, allowing each child to feel special on stage. Thank you to Andrew Bailey for writing this outstanding and beautiful musical.”

Izzy Pyper, director, Sevenoaks Prep School

“The children absolutely loved Dazzle! We have had such a fun time putting it together, and it was fantastic watching the children so engaged throughout. The feedback from parents has been amazing. The music was definitely some of the best we (the MD and myself) have come across in children's musicals. It really helped us when choreographing, directing and producing.”

Victoria Hall, Head of Performing Arts, The Mead School, Tunbridge Wells

“Our performance of Dazzle was yesterday, to a packed house. It was brilliant! Everyone was buzzing. It was a huge success. We had some unexpected stars - the quietest of girls auditioned for Poppy and had the voice of an angel. Fred is set to be a boy-band superstar, and the children playing Sarkky and Murgy were totally amazing. The boost to their self esteem was phenomenal. The parents were amazed. The children did two curtain calls and received a standing ovation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Liz Dodd, producer, Chipping Ongar Primary School

"On the last day of the Spring term, the script for Dazzle! was handed to every Year 6 pupil and some Year 5 pupils as well. Little did we know that what we held in our hands was going to be one of the greatest plays ever performed by the school."

Tom (6B), who played Fred Pringle, in the Surbiton High School production of Dazzle!

"Castleview Primary School Edinburgh had a fantastic audience response to our spectacular performance of DAZZLE! The songs are phenomenal and everyone is still singing them.

"The script is funny and poignant, and our children really engaged with their learning throughout rehearsals.

"Everyone agrees that this was the best show we have ever staged."

Lindsey Watt, Headteacher, Castleview Primary School, Edinburgh

“Our production of 'Dazzle!' was a fantastic success, and enjoyed by all who watched and performed.

"The songs are great, catchy and fun, and the children learnt them very quickly.

"Before long, everyone was singing them everywhere, around school and on the coach when we went on trips!

"The setting in a seaside funfair is colourful and really appealed to our Year 6 children. It enabled us to go to town on costumes and props.

“Here are some quotes from children after watching the show - they sum up the amazing time we had performing 'Dazzle! Thank you..."

'It was fantastic, it kept you watching from start to finish!' - Sean, 11

'So great! A funny story and fab, catchy music.' - Eden, 11

'I loved this play! The songs are amazing, especially 'Who Needs Sunshine?'. The plot was gripping due to what happened to Fred, and completely out of the blue!' - Evan, 11

'As good as chocolate!' - Jamie, 11

Nicola Dawson, deputy head and Year 6 teacher, Wincheap Foundation Primary School, Canterbury

“Our production of Dazzle! at Tobermory High School this summer was an unforgettable experience.

“We performed the show over two nights and could have easily sold out another two nights.

"The songs are wonderful, the drama totally engaging and the show highly recommended.

“The service provided by Limelight was first class. This included personal emails from the author and guidance on staging the show.

“Thank you again for all your support. It was a memorable and enjoyable production - I would do it all again tomorrow!”

Ryan Lowe, Tobermory High School

"Our Year 5 and 6 production of Dazzle! was a great success. The music, the dialogue, the costumes, the set and - most importantly - our wonderful students, brought this magical tale to life.

"Staff and parents reactions were wonderful, many saying it was the best production they had seen!"

Polly Osborn, Head of Junior School Music, Dulwich College Shanghai

"Our final performance of Dazzle! last night, and the children gave it everything. It was absolutely fantastic!

"A lot of dads close to tears, mums and grandmas not being so stoical.

"Dazzle makes a fabulous leavers’ show.

"The final couple of songs, with their lilting melodies and hope for a better future, are almost unbearably moving.

"Particularly when sung by young people you have watched grow up, and who are now on the point of leaving to make their futures.

"I have listened to the magnificent songs from Dazzle! on a daily basis for months now… I never skip my daily dose.

"We had the tracks playing today when we wistfully took down the stage, fairground stalls and Big Wheel.

"Thank you to Andrew Bailey for writing Dazzle!, and for his help and support throughout our production.

"For the children, staff and everyone involved, it has been an amazing roller-coaster ride!"

Chris Rafferty, headteacher, Bowness on Solway Primary School

"Broxburn Footlights' production of Dazzle! was an unqualified success. Everything went without a hitch and the audiences loved it!

"We even made a small profit on the ticket sales, with around 430 tickets sold over the two nights.

"Thanks for all your support, and for writing a great show!"

Keith Bates, producer, Broxburn Footlights, Edinburgh

"The variety of characters in Dazzle! gives the children – and director – plenty to get your teeth into. It is challenging, funny and very moving.

"The children loved the show. They were fascinated by the setting of a seaside fairground - it captured their imaginations. In these days of computer games and online entertainment, it’s something they don’t have much experience of.

"The songs are wonderful… and very catchy."

"The audience were blown-away by the production."

"Every year we think that we have tackled something better than the year before. But, in all honesty, Dazzle! was something special.

"Everyone had such a buzz after the final curtain…the like of which is not experienced often."

Gareth Fursland, headteacher and producer, Craig Y Nos Primary, Swansea

“We loved Dazzle! The audience gave our Year 6’s a standing ovation.

"Performing the show was a challenge musically but the cast were outstanding and rose to it.

"I would strongly recommend Dazzle! to schools with adventurous music and drama departments. Thank you for all your support during our rehearsals for our production."

Tiggy Charlesworth, Head of Drama , Blundells Preparatory School, Tiverton

"The children thoroughly enjoyed Dazzle! Everyone kept bursting into song for days afterwards! The audience loved it too".

Rosie Lynch, St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Waterlooville

"Can I just say thank you! As a year 6 teacher I used Dazzle! last year for our end of year production and am using Poptastic this year.

"My children have loved both musicals - they are a pleasure to rehearse and perform."

Andrew Spindlow, Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Birmingham

"We are thoroughly enjoying rehearsing Dazzle! and overjoyed with the new orchestral cd - the quality is absolutely fantastic. It will make such a difference to our performance.

"It feels like having an orchestra in the pit and that's just using our rehearsal CD player!"

Lynne Cross, T4K Youth Theatre

“Dazzle is outstanding. Our audiences loved it! People said it was ‘brilliant’, ‘charming’, ‘a real achievement’.

“From a producer’s point of view, it gave good opportunities for children of different levels of ability and experience – and it was easy to incorporate interesting choreography.

“Highlights? The children loved the number “Keep us tonight” and the Ghost Train. The Tango sequence and Murgatroyd’s entrance at the end of the show brought the house down!

John Wallace-Jones, Riddlesworth Hall School, Diss, Norfolk

“Dazzle is an amazing show. The kids and audience ab-so-lutely loved it! The songs, the story – are fabulous!

"The cast was a real mix of ages, from 8 to 18. We are a new company and Dazzle was the first production we had done.

"We did two performances but the cast were desperate to put it on again!"

Melanie Bruford, Total Caos Youth Theatre, Cowbridge Amatuer Operatic Society, South Wales

“The songs and music in Dazzle are fantastic. The children absolutely loved the Ghost Train scene!

“I particularly liked the practical direction notes in the script, which were very helpful.

“Dazzle is a great show. Catchy songs, wonderful characters and funny dialogue!

“It is the first Limelight show we have performed. But on the strength of Dazzle, we will definitely be staging another Limelight show in future.”

Anne Marie McRoberts, Acting Deputy Head, St Anthony’s Primary School, Ayrshire

"Dazzle is a marvellous show, great fun and with wonderful songs. It’s a very funny script, with some great moments of humour.

“The highpoints from our production were the songs Freeze the air, the Fairground calls, and Keep us tonight!

“The audience loved the show. They particularly enjoyed Murgatroyd Megarich and Parker and Guillemot [Dazzle Bay’s two-headed, double-breasted, three-legged estate agents].

“With its wonderful characters and music, the show brought out some great performances. The children sang their hearts out!”

Rachel, Middleton Community Primary School, Derbyshire

“Dazzle is brilliant. The audience loved it! My cast and production team are still singing the songs – six months after the production!”

Julia Taylor, music teacher, Denmark Hill, London

“Awesome show!”

Jake P, Wimbledon, London

"Dazzle! is the best show we have performed since Joseph. It's a wonderful, feel-good musical, with great songs and a fantastic story - it had the audience on the edge of their seats, then clapping and dancing in the aisles!"

Elizabeth Atkinson, producer and director, Bransgore, UK

"Completely wicked!"

“I wanted to play Sarkky, as she is such a brilliantly horrible character. To my amazement I got the part - and let rip. Completely wicked!”

Francesca Bunion, Heathtown, West Midlands

"Our production of Dazzle! was amazing. People were just amazed. The story and characters are fantastic. I will remember it for the rest of my life."

Pippa Alderton, London

"Thank you for a massive, beasty show. My mum and dad and all my friends haven’t stopped talking about it ever since!”

Kat Jones, Glasgow

"Fantastic play"

“When I grow up I want to be Murgatroyd Megarich, marry Flossie and buy Dazzle Bay fun palace. That would be heaven. Thanks for a fab show.

singing our praises Dazzle is a wonderful, funny, uplifting show. Full of great music and with an exciting story that kids can relate to.” Elizabeth Atkinson, producer and director, Bransgore, UK